• Become a Trust Lab Researcher: The Trust Lab draws its faculty, students and postdoctoral researchers from the talent pool at IIT Bombay, a premier destination for world-class researchers. We support our researchers through Shridhar Shukla Chair professorships, Trust Lab Doctoral and Post-doctoral fellowships, as well as research and development grants.
  • Join TrustNet: If your organisation would like to be part of the TrustNet initiative, please get in touch with us, with your ideas for the partnership.
  • Intern at the Trust Lab! Watch this space for details on our internship programme!
  • Be a Student Club Partner: We look forward to engaging with relevant student clubs and activities at IIT Bombay.
  • Resource Requests and Feedback: Got an idea for a digital trust resource that the Trust Lab can develop? Or feedback on those already maintained by the Lab? Let us know!
  • Participate: Throughout the year we host talks by visitors and other activities, sometimes in collaboration with our partnering student clubs. Interested in participating? Let us know!

We are currently hiring for the role of Program Manager.

If you are interested in the above role, please visit https://acr.iitb.ac.in/recruitment/ for a detailed description.  Interested candidates are encouraged to upload their applications at the mentioned site directly or send your resume to alifiya.jillisger[at]acr.iitb.ac.in

Watch this space for more updates. Or, write to us at trustlab[at]cse.iitb.ac.in