Open and Permissionless Blockchains - A Swiss Perspective

Felix Härer
Thursday February 16, 2023, 2:30 PM
Conference room, Dept. of CSE, KReSIT Building

Open and permissionless blockchains are distributed systems with tens of thousands of nodes that, in contrast to systems of the past decades, allow for distribution and decentralized coordination without trusted third parties and provide open access, enabling novel decentralized applications. This talk covers blockchain foundations, the largest open and permission less blockchains, and the latest developments regarding applications and research.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Felix Härer is a senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, especially in the areas of blockchains, distributed systems, conceptual modeling, software and requirements  engineering, data management and analytics. In addition to peer-reviewed research in major computer science and information systems journals and conferences, his publications include books and open source software. Dr. Felix Härer received M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in information systems from the University of Bamberg, Germany, in 2014 and 2019, respectively. Before working at the University of Fribourg (since 2019), he was an assistant at the University of Bamberg (2014-2018) and worked with industry, e.g. for Siemens Healthcare and in various research projects. Dr. Felix Härer is organizer of the SI Business Informatics Blockchain, co-chair of the 2023 DESRIST theme track, and reviews and takes part in various program committees, e.g. IEEE, Electronic Markets, ER, BPM, and other major journals and conferences.