Deep dive into blockchain ecosystem with APTOS

Selected Students (arranged alphabetically)

Nearly 600 students from top engineering colleges across India applied for the Aptos Winter School

To the 60 selected students: Congratulations !

Aadhya Mathur
Aashish Paliwal
Abhijay Jain
Aditya Aggarwal
Akshay pandit
Alok Kumar
Aman Kumar
Amruta Panchal
Anjanay Raina
Aritra Saha
Arnav Jain
Ashish Vijay Gupta
Ashutosh Kumar
Aviraj Khare
Bhavneet Kaur
Devansh Shahane
Dhruv Mehta
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Soni
Harshal Bhangale
Himanshu Raheja
Hrishikesh Yadav
Jashwanth Peddisetty
Jasneet Ahluwalia
Kalai Mohana
Kaushik K
Kethavath Ugender
Kishori Salunkhe
Lakshya Dhariwal
Madhav Goyal
Madhusree Bera
Malothu Avinash
Manu Areraa
Maroti Patre
Mihir Kumar Singh
Naman Singh Rana
Neeraj Choubisa
Nisarg Thakkar
Prabhat mudarale
Prateek Kanurkar
Pratham Bhatnagar
Prathik Shetty
Pratyush Chauhan
Prince Singhal
Punith Nandiraj
Rahul Kulkarni
Raj Gaurav Maurya
Sankhya Siddesh
Shikhar Singh
Shreyansh Tiwari
Shubhang Mathur
Sidhant Sharma
Sudipta Basak
Swapnil J Singh
Tanmay Newatia
Unmani Shinde
Vaishnavi Kale
Vishal Patil

The IITB Trust Lab, in collaboration with the Aptos Foundation, is hosting a winter school at IIT Bombay for aspiring student developers in India. This immersive two-week program is a unique opportunity for UG, PG, and PhD students in India to delve into the heart of the Aptos network and the broader Web3 universe. Participants will collaborate with experienced Aptos developers, engaging in brainstorming sessions and working together to create innovative products on the Aptos network.


Application Deadline: Nov. 15, 2023

Admission Results Announced: Nov. 20, 2023

Arrival of Student at IIT Bombay: Dec. 9, 2023

Aptos Winter School Commences: Dec. 10, 2023

Aptos Winter School Concludes: Dec. 24, 2023

Dive into the Winter School experience and explore the unique opportunities awaiting you:

Connect and Collaborate: Team up with your peers and assemble teams.

Level Up: Engage in enlightening sessions led by experts from the Aptos ecosystem.

Project Development: Craft products on the Aptos network with guidance from experienced developers.

Demo Day: Showcase your work and potentially unlock milestone-based grants

Engaging Sessions: Benefit from expert talks, hands-on product sessions, and valuable mentorship.

Accommodation & Meals: Housing and meals will be provided for all accepted students.

Collaborative Spaces: Access to on-site coworking desk stations for brainstorming and coding.

Travel Support: Official Rules apply, but APTOS will support your journey to IIT Bombay.

Please see the Winter School Official Rules for a comprehensive understanding of the program.

Please refer to the FAQ section of the APTOS event page for the selection criteria, a high-level schedule, content plan and a tentative list of speakers for the Winter School.