Announcing the launch of the second edition of the 2-month (15th May – 15th July) paid Trust Lab Internship program!

Last date to apply: 25th April, 2024

Extended deadline: 5th May, 2024

Trust Lab Internship

15th May - 15th July


The Trust Lab Internship offers undergraduate and graduate students practical experience in projects focused on digital trust. Through this initiative, interns will collaborate closely with IIT Bombay faculty mentors, gaining valuable insights and contributing to research projects focused on Digital Trust.

The internship program will span two months and require onsite participation from all selected attendees.

All interns will receive a competitive stipend (8K-12K/month) for the two (2) months that they spend on the IIT Bombay campus.

On-campus accommodation will be provided to the interns.


Refer to this Google sheet for detailed information about each of the projects listed below:

  1. Understanding Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Training
  2. Applications of Folding-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  3. A longitudinal study of Internet-wide scans
  4. Tracking and Mitigating Row-Hammer Attack in Data Centers
  5. Designing Secure Memory hierarchies in the world of unknown transient execution attacks
  6. Engineering a SOC with FOSS tools
  7. Theoretical cryptography
  8. Practical cryptography
  9. Practical and Upbeat Labs for Security Education (PULSE)
  10. Incentivizing peers in blockchain P2P networks
  11. Secure Conduct of Programming Lab Exams
  12. HIerarchical FEDERAted Learning for the INdian healthcare SYSTem (HI-FEDERAL-INSYST)

Open to all students across the country. Fill out the Google form at the link below by April 25.