TRUST matters

June 2024


Curious about what’s buzzing at IITB Trust Lab? “Newsworthy” has got you covered! From fresh faces to research updates, we’re dishing out all the latest. Catch up on exciting events, new partnerships, and the occasional humble brag about our team’s successes. Stay in the know, stay inspired.

A Warm Welcome

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Devashish Gosain to the IITB Trust Lab. Prof. Gosain, an expert in network security, joins us with valuable experience from the Max Planck Institute of Informatics, KU Leuven, and BITS Pilani-Goa Campus. His research focuses on the intersection of networks, security, and privacy.

Celebrating Excellence in Research!

We’re delighted to share that two of our Associated Faculty members, Prof. Biswabandan Panda and Prof. Supratik Chakraborty, have been honored with the prestigious Qualcomm Faculty Award 2024! This recognition highlights their outstanding contributions to research and innovation in critical technology domains. Here’s to Prof. Panda and Prof. Chakraborty – may their future research endeavors scale even greater heights!

IITB Trust Lab Interns 2024

Our second annual internship program has kicked off with a bang! From a pool of 460 eager applicants, 11 bright minds have joined us for an intensive two-month journey.

These students, hailing from diverse institutions across India, are now diving deep into projects spanning Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering. Under the wing of our dedicated faculty, they’re turning concepts into reality and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

As our interns navigate project deadlines and chase their aspirations, we’re excited to see the fresh perspectives they bring to IITB Trust Lab. Here’s to a summer of innovation, challenges, and growth!

  1. Archisman Dutta (Ashoka University)
  2. Arjun Dixit (University of Toronto) 
  3. Ayush Modi (Christ University, Bangalore)
  4. Debabrata Maji (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
  5. Himanshu Dubey (Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology)
  6. Prabal Das (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)
  7. Parth A. (IIT Bombay)
  8. Sameeksha Goyal (IIT Kharagpur)
  9. Sarang Galada (Sai University)
  10. Shruti P (NIT Goa)
  11. Sumedha Mandal (Delhi Technological University)

To our interns: embrace the journey ahead. We can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve!

Trust Lab at IITB's Annual CSR Conclave ​

On June 14, 2024, IITB Trust Lab ventured into new territory at IIT Bombay’s Annual CSR Conclave. This year’s theme, “Unlocking CSR for Impactful Research,” brought together minds eager to explore how corporate responsibility can fuel innovative research for societal good.

As first-time participants, we were energized by the buzz at our stall and the thoughtful conversations with curious attendees. On this occasion, we have published a book detailing CSR opportunity at IITB Trust Lab.

Colloquium Series​

As part of the IITB Trust Lab’s colloquium series, Mr. Suvradip Chakraborty gave an online talk on May 17, focusing on the constructions of cryptographic primitives in the setting of subversion attacks. The speaker is currently working as a Research Scientist in the Advanced Cryptography team at Visa Research. We will resume our talks in full swing after the summer break.

A Surprise Visitor

June 5th brought a pleasant surprise to IITB Trust Lab when Ms. Tulika Pandey dropped by. As Scientist ‘G’ & Senior Director at the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India, Ms. Pandey’s visit opened doors to stimulating conversations.

The impromptu meeting focused on potential research paths in data security and cryptography, areas of keen interest for our lab. Ms. Pandey also took the time to interact with our faculty and students, sharing insights and listening to their ideas.

These exchanges have set the stage for what we hope will be fruitful collaborations in the future. It’s always energizing when unexpected visits lead to new possibilities!

Advancing FOSS

On June 24th, our Program Director, Mr. Mukul Joshi, took center stage as the keynote speaker at the ISTE-approved workshop “One Week STTP towards Secured Cyberspace” at Somaiya College of Engineering.

But that’s not all – our FOSSx team brought their A-game to the table. Palak Chopra, Spaarsh Thakkar, Ganesh Patil, Ishwar Kumar, Aryan K. and Arpit Singh Bhatia led an interactive session that had participants on the edge of their seats. They unveiled the power of open-source cybersecurity tools like Zeek, Snort, and Wazuh, giving attendees a firsthand look at these digital defenders.

The highlight? Hands-on lab sessions with ZAP and The Sleuth Kit, where theory met practice. Here’s to more opportunities to learn, teach, and grow together in the world of cybersecurity!

IITB Trust Lab Grant 2024

The Trust Lab Grant aims to advance the Trust Lab’s vision by empowering IIT Bombay faculty to make significant strides in the field of Digital Trust. In 2023, IITB Trust Lab awarded a total of INR 70 lakhs to nine innovative projects spearheaded by IIT Bombay faculty members. This year, the 2024 grant will support short-term collaborative proposals focused on research, teaching, or resource development, all involving the active participation of IIT Bombay faculty. The call for proposals went out in May, and we have received numerous submissions that are currently under review. Good luck to all the applicants!

IITB Trust Lab Champions Young Talent at RVCE CTF

The 2024 RVCE Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, with IITB Trust Lab as one of its sponsors, exhibited an impressive array of cybersecurity talent.

Top 50 teams from across India battled it out, showcasing exceptional skills and determination. Amidst fierce competition, 14-year-old Amritansh Sati from Delhi Public School, Noida, stole the spotlight. This young prodigy secured an impressive sixth place, outperforming many seasoned engineering students. Recognizing his extraordinary talent, our Program Director, Mr. Mukul Joshi, awarded Amritansh a special consolation prize.

We’re proud to support platforms that challenge and inspire the next generation of digital defenders. Here’s to more such success stories in the making!